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"Oh my gosh I'm so happy!!! I'm so pleased with what you've created for me and love how you've captured my essence as a practitioner."

- KATE E. | Food deFined

Food deFined is passionate about supporting you in your journey towards good health, because YOU are the most important person in your life. Good health means feeling, thinking and functioning well; and maintaining that state consistently through a life of ups, downs and circles.

Your body has offered you stability, function, support and nourishment over the years; and to return the favour, let us help you feed your body with nutrient dense foods, and work towards implementing new healthy habits that stay strong in your lifestyle. It’s not easy! But together, you and Food deFined will give your health the focus and effort it deserves.

We are located in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, and want to offer help to those who need it most; and see the value in improving their health with nutrient dense food.

Food deFined


Food deFined was in a dilemma when they came to us. They have an existing website which was developed in WordPress back in 2016. It seems the website has broken and the back-end WordPress engine has not been updated for a very long time. Plugins were out of date and not patched which inherently created security vulnerability to her website. Kate from Food deFined had tried to get the original designer to fix it but not much help was given. Out of frustration, she went to another web designer in hoping for a miracle but unfortunately, it was not completely done well and render her website not meeting her needs. The long of the short story of this debacle, Kate decided that she needed a professional and trustworthy digital designer that listens well and careful in their way to take her business needs and vision and bring it to the 21st century. After much research and through word of mouth, Food deFined had engaged EPIQ Media to design a new website from scratch.  


The final results, we delivered a fully-responsive web design that works across all devices with consistent look-n-feel, wonderful user experience and compelling story that goes with it. 

  • Developed a new fully-responsive website

  • Enhanced Food deFined logo

  • Created Visual Branding as there was none

  • Captured the essence of Food deFined business and translated that into the new website

  • An easy website to use, update and maintain

  • Copywriting

  • SEO optimisation to the website

The Food deFined website is fully-responsive and works across all platforms - desktops, tablets or mobile devices. It is a 7 pages website and 3-levels deep with designed specifically with user-experience in mind. We want a clean and simple but useful design that will get help to keep a potential customer stay longer on the website and to better engaged with them. We have also implemented over 28 CTAs or Call-to-Actions on the website to encourage potential Food deFined customers to get in touch or make an appointment. The results of the website was a great success. We have drastically increased web traffic and engagement since the new website was launched. 

The Website

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Website mockup for a synthesiser brand

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